Faculty in the Division of Hematology/Oncology are involved in a wide range of basic and clinical/translational research for cancer and blood disorders.

Amengual Lab

The Amengual Lab’s research goals are focused on developing targeted therapies for the treatment of lymphoma.

Lentzsch Lab

The Lentzsch Laboratory focuses on the identification of novel targets for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma, Multiple Myeloma, bone disease, and AL amyloidosis.

Mukherjee Lab

The Mukherjee Lab seeks to understand the biology of blood development, with a special interest in understanding malignant and pre-malignant blood diseases such as MDS and AML.

Shen Lab

The Shen Lab investigates the molecular mechanisms of mammalian development and cancer using in vivo analyses of genetically-engineered mouse models.

Viny Lab

The Viny Lab uses genetic mouse models and primary patient samples to understand the role of altered chromatin architecture as a regulator of gene expression/gene silencing that maintain the balance of hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal with differentiation and blood formation.