Alumni in Print

An Insider’s Guide to Academic Medicine: A Clinical Teacher’s Perspective, David Aron’75, Springer, 2023

The book shares David Aron’s 45 years of experience as a clinician, teacher, researcher, and administrator and includes unpredictable turns during those 45 years. The book offers practical guidance to anyone interested in becoming a successful physician scientist in academic medicine or a successful clinician affiliated with an academic medical center. The book has four parts: academic medicine as a complex system, academic duties, academic life, and Dr. Aron’s words of wisdom. Scholarship is key to success in academic medicine, he writes: “To pursue research, practice, teaching, and administration, scholarship should be the core value of every physician.”

The Most Radiant Gift: Loving Thoughts Uttered from the Babies’ Hearts, Daniel McCrimons’79, Balboa Press, 2022

Daniel McCrimons wrote his book after examining babies during his 40-year career as a pediatrician: “I heard a clear message from within that they had understanding and answers to teach us and help us grow. Parents and caregivers will be drawn to appreciate these gifts present in the hearts of the baby while reading this work. I intended to say something to arouse us to cherish the time we are given to help expand our children’s inner being so that we may recognize the humanity in ourselves more clearly. We, as a society, have the responsibility to nurture that presence, and only then can we exist the way we were born to live—in a loving, harmonious, neighboring, and vibrant fashion.”

Summons to Berlin: Nazi Theft and A Daughter’s Quest for Justice, Joanne Intrator’81, She Writes Press, 2023

After remarks made by her father on his deathbed, Joanne Intrator began an odyssey that led her to a building in the center of Berlin that the Nazis took from her family in 1938. Her quest repeatedly forced her to confront her profound fear surrounding Germany and the Holocaust. Calling on reserves of strength she was unsure she possessed, Dr. Intrator leaned into her professional training in psychiatry to overcome obstacles. The publisher says the “depth and lucidity of psychological insight threaded throughout ‘Summons to Berlin’ makes it an attention-grabbing standout among books on like topics.”

Health Plans Unmasked: A Physician’s Guide to Working with Health Insurers, Martin Lustick’83, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023

Martin Lustick’s book offers insights and guidance to help physicians transform their business practices to achieve financial stability while improving outcomes for patients. He directly addresses the frustrations physicians face in their relationships with health plans. He describes the opportunities and challenges inherent in their relationships with payers, particularly as they transition from traditional fee-for-service contracts to complex alternative payment models. By explaining the evolution of health care financing in the United States—how and why insurance companies behave the way they do—Dr. Lustick helps providers avoid mistakes and take advantage of opportunities for success.

No Longer Radical: Understanding Mastectomies and Choosing the Breast Cancer Care That’s Right For You, Rachel Brem’84 and Christy Teal, Simon and Schuster, 2023

Rachel Brem, a radiologist, teamed up with her George Washington University colleague, Christy Teal, a breast surgeon, to write this guide to understanding breast cancer detection, prevention, and treatment options. Drs. Brem and Teal write from their own experience following personal decisions to have mastectomies. Both Drs. Brem and Teal are leaders in the field of breast cancer treatment at GWU and hope the book will help women put control of health care into their own hands. The book covers such topics as deciding whether mastectomy is the right individual choice, how to evaluate treatment options for every age, and understanding what recovery really looks like.

Sailing with the Wind of Freedom: Lascarina Bouboulis and the War for Greek Independence, Katherine Kaye’84, Damianos Publishing, 2023

Katherine Kaye’s young adult historic novel commemorates the life of a heroine of the Greek Revolution. The book was inspired by Dr. Kaye’s chance visit to a quiet Greek island, Spetses, from which Lascarina Bouboulis, who became known as Bouboulina, helped launch the Greek Revolution in 1821 that freed part of Greece from Ottoman Turkish rule. Kirkus Reviews called the book “an engaging novel about the life of a fascinating historical legend.”

Best Minds: How Allen Ginsberg Made Revolutionary Poetry from Madness, Stevan M. Weine’87, Fordham University Press, 2023

Stevan Weine’s new book contributes to our understanding of how artists transform experiences of trauma and mental illness into powerful artworks. It focuses on the legendary Beat poet Allen Ginsberg who in 1949 was an inpatient at the New York State Psychiatric Institute for eight months. When Dr. Weine began his research during medical school, he reached out to Ginsberg, who invited Dr. Weine to review materials that revealed how both Ginsberg and his mother struggled with mental illness. The book was called by one reviewer “essential reading for anyone interested in the long history of madness in individuals, families, and cultures.” Read an excerpt from the book.

The Chief Medical Officer’s Essential Guidebook, Mark D. Olszyk’95, Editor, and Erin S. DuPree’95 and Rex Hoffman, MD, Co-Editors, American Association for Physician Leadership, 2023

The book edited by Mark Olszyk and co-edited by Erin DuPree is intended for current chief medical officers, anyone aspiring to be a CMO, and executives and peers of CMOs. By compiling dozens of medical executives’ experiences and lessons—including what the executives wish they had known before becoming CMOs—the book provides a guide for modern physician leadership. It offers an inside look at the world of the CMO: reviewing what is expected in the role, how CMOs have stumbled or failed, and how others have found the way to succeed. By learning from the experiences of CMOs, readers may gain the insight necessary to be an effective chief medical officer.