Submission+ provides applicants with education and guidance in developing a robust project proposal.

Support from the EQUIP LHS Infrastructure starts with Submission+, in which junior faculty interested in applying for a pilot award can access multiple didactic sessions offered to guide proposal submissions, including

  • an introduction to LHS and PCOR/CER concepts
  • how to structure and write a proposal
  • developing a budget
  • effectively utilizing institutional resources, and
  • how to create meaningful, early, and continuous engagement with community stakeholders.

EQUIP will also provide consultations and mentorship for applicants who are going through the submission process. Applicants who are not selected will have developed the basic skills needed to apply for pilot grants that they can reuse for other funding opportunities offered by the CTSA team.

How to request help

Contact Elizabeth Aikman, EQUIP Program Manager at  to schedule consultations on the submission process or with general questions about EQUIP support.

Apply for Funding Now!

LOI due Friday, March 15, 2024 at 5PM EST

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