This year, the Dalio Center has partnered with the EQUIP Center for Learning Health System (LHS) Science to offer a specially focused LHS and Health Equity Research Award that will support faculty in conducting systemwide research projects focused on the intersection of health equity and quality in healthcare. This unique opportunity provides the resources needed to successfully complete a pilot research project as well as mentorship and education opportunities that will build foundational research skills.

Local Advisors

Julia lyasere, MD, MBA, Executive Director Dalio Center for Health Justice

Deepa Kumaraiah, MD, MBA, Sr Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian

Peter Fleischut, MD, Sr Vice President and Chief Information and Transformation Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian

NYP Partners

  • The Department of Quality¬†and Patient Safety at NYP supports the organization's mission by¬†providing best-in-class quaternary and tertiary care by leading in Quality, Patient Experience and Outcomes.
  • The Epic Team supports the integration of technology to advance patient care, experience, and outcomes across NYP.
  • The Department of Data Analytics supports robust analysis and integration of data into hospital operations for the advancement of patient care.

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LOI due Friday, March 15, 2024 at 5PM EST

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The Dalio Center for Health Justice

The Dalio Center for Health Justice at NewYork-Presbyterian aims to understand and address the root causes of health inequities with the goal of setting a new standard of health justice.

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