1-5 Appointments of OOI with CUIMC Recommendation for Appointment to NYP


The Recommendation for Appointment (RFA) is the necessary document that CUIMC uses to confirm to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital that an individual holds a valid OOI appointment and meets the criteria for a clinical appointment on the CU campus.


Department submits the following documents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Completed faculty practice agreement
  • Letter from chair to Dean requesting the appointment and outlining qualifications, responsibilities, academic and NYP title, and appointment effective dates
  • Officer’s CV, using the COAP format as a guideline (required, if officer is currently employed by Columbia University)
  • TBH, or Paper Nomination if unable to use the TBH, or PAF if the officer is currently employed in another capacity at Columbia University
  • Invention Agreement (only applicable to FT OOIs/and all OORS; not applicable to the Department of Psychiatry)
  • CUIMC Billing Compliance Plan Attestation Form
  • Visa and non-resident alien documents, when applicable
  • Tax documents New York State Labor Law 195.1 (not applicable to Postdoctoral Residency Fellows and Postdoctoral Clinical Fellows)
  • Signed offer letter, signed by both chair and candidate
  • Affirmative Action RAPS Clearance (for all new full-time OOIs)
  • Voluntary Self-Identification of Race and Ethnicity form
  • Pre-Hire Attestation Form

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Packet

  • Executive Summary
  • Government-issued ID verified
  • Signed Consent for Release of Information Form


  • The department prepares the documents required for the CU and NYP appointments and submits them to OFA.
  • The OFA Representative reviews the request, prepares the Recommendation for Appointment (RFA), and submits it to the SVP for approval.
  • The SVP reviews the package and, if acceptable, signs the request.
  • OFA sends the signed RFA and a copy of the chair’s letter to the NYP Medical Staff Office (MSO), with a copy to the department faculty affairs contact to notify them that the transaction has been completed.


Consent for Release of Information Form

CUIMC Billing Compliance Plan Attestation Form


CU Faculty Handbook

Inventions Agreement Form

Faculty Practice Agreements

Pre-Hire Attestation Form

Voluntary Self-Identification of Race and Ethnicity form