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Maggie O'Neil, PT, PhD, MPH is a pediatric rehabilitation researcher with a focus on identifying objective measures of physical acitivty in ambulatory youth with cerebral palsy (CP) to examine the effectiveness of activity-based interventions to promote health, fitness and functional mobility. Dr. O'Neil was a a fulltime clinical pediatric physical therapist for nearly 12 years before she returned to school to earn her Masters in Public Health (MPH) in maternal and child health policy and her PhD in pediatric physical therapy.

In recent years, Dr. O'Neil has partnered with computer and biomedical engineers to design customized video games and virtual and augmented reality experiences to promote fitness and physical activity in youth with CP. She works closely with exercise scientists and public health researchers to establish effective and accessible home and community interventions to reduce sedentary behaviors and increase 'habitual physical activity' and active lifestyles in youth with CP. By increasing adherence to home and community exercise and activity programs, youth with CP may translate and sustain gains achieved in physical therapy. Dr. O'Neil's goals are to understand the protective and risk factors involved in health promotion and physical activity for youth with CP to optimize their health, fitness and functional mobility.

Academic Appointments

  • Professor of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine (Physical Therapy) at CUIMC

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • BS, Biology, Providence College
  • MPH, Maternal and Child Health , University of North Carolina Gillings Global School of Public Health
  • PhD, Pediatric Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences, Drexel University
  • MS, Physical Therapy , Duke University Medical Center
  • 2000 Postdoc - Pediatric Outcome Measures , Boston University

Honors & Awards

  1. 2015-2020 Appointed to the Foundation for Physical Therapy Scientific Advisory Committee
  2. 02/2015-2019 Appointed to the American Academy of CP and Developmental Medicine Awards Committee
  3. 05/2015 Drexel University, Academic Innovators Award
  4. 2012-2014 Chair, Research Committee, APTA Section on Pediatrics
  5. 2010-2013 Scientific Advisory Board, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (I Can Do It! Program)
  6. 2011- pres Nemours AI DuPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, DE – Research Associate
  7. 2010- pres Franciscan’s Children’s Hospital, Brighton, MA – Research Associate
  8. 2010- pres WCPT, IOPTP – Research Committee - PI for Survey on International Pediatric PT Research
  9. 2009 APTA, Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy, Research Award recipient
  10. 1999 Recipient of the Evelyn B. Noyovitz Award for Outstanding Graduate in the Pediatric Physical Therapy Program at MCP/Hahnemann University,
  11. 1999 Member of the Alpha Eta National Honor Society for Scholarship in Allied Health
  12. 1994 Member of the Theta Chapter of the Delta Omega Public Health National Honor Society


Pediatric rehabilitation research - fitness, physical activity, exercise and functional mobility in neurodevelopmental disabilities (e.g. cerebral palsy).


NIH 1 R21 HD 086745 [NICHD NCMRR] O’Neil ME (PI) Sept. 2016 – Aug 2018 ( NCE: Aug 2019)

Title: Machine learning algorithms to measure physical activity (PA) in children with cerebral palsy (CP)

Role: PI (20% salary support )

Drexel Areas of Research Excellence (DARE Grant) O'Neil (Co-I) 2016-2018

DARE 1: Gaming, Simulation and Society

O’Neil: Co-I (8% salary support )

Drexel - Coulter Translational Grant Program (Renewal Grant) O’Neil (Co-PI) July 2015 – December 2016 (NCE: 2017)

KOLLECT: Virtual reality rehabilitation for youth with cerebral palsy [focus on clinical feasibility]

O'Neil: Co-I (20% salary support)

Drexel - Coulter Translational Grant Program O’Neil (Co-PI) October 2014 – December 2015

KOLLECT: Virtual reality rehabilitation for youth with cerebral palsy (CP) [focus on game development and testing in youth wtih CP]

O'Neil: Co-I (20% salary support)

Pending: Columbia Biomedical Engineering Accelerator (BiomedX) O'Neil (Co-PI) Summer/Fall 2019 - 2020

Title: Virtual and Augmented Reality in Rehabilitation (VARR): Promoting Health and Mobility in People with Cerebral Palsy

Selected Publications

  1. O'Neil ME, Fragala-Pinkham M. Clinical Bottom Line (CBL): Preliminary Aquatic Core Sets for children and youth with neurological disorders: Consensus process. Pediatr Phys Ther. April, 2019; (in press).

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Invited Publications: Commentaries & Recommendations

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