​URM Medical Student Testimonials

"I love Columbia VP&S for all of the reasons that I thought I would when I chose to come here: the city (amazing), the people (incredibly normal), the curriculum (shorter is always better), the pure Pass-Fail grading (so no need to over study), and BALSO (lots of support, amazing people, and delicious food). There are also great opportunities to get involved and develop a very satisfying non-academic life through the VP&S Club, which has everything from a dance club to a wine tasting club to limitless community service opportunities."

- Sophia Koessel, 2014

"My journey to VP&S was not the same as everyone else; it wasn’t the school I thought I would end up at when applying. However, it was the only school that gave me such a sense of community and collegiality. My interview was so relaxing if that can even be imagined of a medical school interview. The students were nice and really excited to have me at their school so much so that after about 30 minutes in I couldn’t think of any more questions to ask. About to go into my clinical year as a second-year student I’m still amazed at how people surrounding me every day and how they have made some of the most academically challenging time of my life ridiculously fun. The vast opportunities to get involved in clubs that are not all medically oriented gave me an outlet when I just didn’t want to think about class anymore. At this point I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else."

- Brittney Hills, 2015

"Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons always seemed to offer everything I was looking for in a medical school. It was in a metropolitan area, partnered with an institution of top physicians that provided innovative care for underserved communities. This is certainly true; however, the true potential of VP&S did not become fully evident until I actually arrived. During my first few months here, the students and faculty that compose VP&S and the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs have continuously invited me to become part of its family- a family that’s constantly offering to expand my knowledge of the medical profession, but most importantly, one that warmly supports me as I personally evolve into a caring physician. The opportunities that I have been granted are innumerable. The experiences I have been offered are indescribable. And the people that have stepped into my life and served not only as mentors, but also as friends, are simply one of a kind. VP&S is my home."

- Christopher Gonzalez, 2016