Urologic Reconstructive Surgery

This one-year fellowship will offer extensive experience in the inpatient and outpatient care and evaluations of patients who require surgical reconstruction of the lower urinary tract, ureter, urethra, fistulas, and external genitalia, skin grafting, transition urology, GU cancer survivorship, as well as urologic prosthetics. Female urology and transgender surgery are not part of the fellowship.

There will be ample clinical research opportunities with emphasis on datamining, analytics, and outcomes research. Academic productivity, and manuscript and abstract writing/submissions are key expectations of the Fellowship.

We have a robust departmental clinical research division, composed of database managers, data entry people and a statistician, all at the disposal of the fellow. The fellow will be a junior faculty member and will be expected to operate and conduct surgery and clinics independently, in a graded fashion.

Away Rotations and Trips

  1. The fellow will attend the Master class in GU Reconstructive Urology in London, at the Institute of Urology; covered by the department. 
  2. There is an Away rotation during the winter at Mt. Sinai-Miami, to work with Dr. Billy Cordon. Travel, room, and board covered by the department.

Eligibility Requirements/Criteria (When Applicable)

The applicant must be able to obtain a medical license in the state of New York. Applicants will not be considered unless they have successfully completed all three steps of the U.S. medical licensing examination (USMLE).

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