Competency Based-Education & STEP-IN Foundations Course

Competency Based-Education 

Columbia has been part of the national efforts to move toward competency based-education with Dr. Jean Fitzpatrick Timmerberg at the forefront of this shift. Dr. Timmerberg's most recent publication is titled Competency-Based Education and Practice in Physical Therapy: It's Time to Act! The publication can be found below:

STEP-IN Foundations Course

Co-Directors Drs. Jacqueline Montes and Jean Fitzpatrick Timmerberg, along with a phenomenal SMA team (Sally Dunaway Young, Kyle Zreibe, Kristin Krosschell, Chris Yun, Elizabeth Harding, David Uher), led the first competency-based continuing professional development course earlier this year.

The course included three phases with phase II involving an in-person workshop held in March at our PT faculty practice in Tarrytown, NY. 

Foundations for SMA Physical Therapists; A STEP-IN Educational Track

The educational program features three components: phase I: on-line didactic material with assessments, phase II: an in person 2.5 day workshop facilitated by SMA experts, and phase III: involves mentoring by a seasoned SMA PT along with workplace-based assessments.

Please find more information below as well as how to apply.