Research Team Management Series

This series covers skills essential for recruiting and managing an effective and synergistic research team. 


"Assembling and Managing a Successful Research Team—What to Look for and What to Avoid"

This session provides an overview of the fundamentals of putting together an effective and collaborative research team. Participants learn the principles of recruiting, screening and evaluating research staff applicants. Emphasis is placed on assembling effective approaches to maximize synergy between team members, including what to look for in staff to promote team cohesiveness.

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"Building a Productive Learning Environment for Your Lab/ Research Team"

This session provides an overview of the fundamentals of building a healthy and productive learning environment for your lab or research team. Participants learn best practices for giving feedback and aligning expectations in their team.

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"Creating and Managing Your Research Budget Portfolio"

This session focuses on strategies for creating a grant budget, managing your funding portfolio and supporting your research across multiple sources of income. Good practices, strategies, pearls of wisdom and challenges are explored. Discussion includes personnel effort, Other Than Personnel Service (OTPS) items and managing direct versus indirect dollars.

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"Successful Team Management Techniques in Giving and Receiving Feedback in Research"

This session provides an overview of the fundamentals and techniques for giving and receiving feedback in an interdisciplinary team science setting. Content covers information relevant to junior and mid-career scientists who are involved in manuscript writing and grant applications, along with collaborators. Basic principles, including understanding stakeholders’ interests, aligning expectations, providing and receiving feedback, and managing conflict, are provided.

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“Who is First Author? Negotiating Authorship in Research Teams”

This session explores strategies for negotiating authorship in multidisciplinary research teams. Participants learn about principles and expectations for authorship and explore approaches to promoting responsible authorship decisions. Participants identify challenges that research teams confront, including equitably allocating credit, addressing power dynamics and creating collaborative team climate through discussion of case studies.

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