Junior Faculty Development Series

An eight-part series that assists junior faculty members in strategically planning their career development efforts. 


Strategies for Success in Academic Medicine

An introduction to pathways for career success, developing a career plan, identifying appropriate mentors and career development resources at CUIMC.

Mentorship: Why, Who, What, How?

Mentors can provide guidance on key areas of career planning, productivity, networking and more, and they are especially important for junior faculty. Effective early career mentorship has been shown to improve career success and satisfaction.

In this interactive panel, mentoring experts provide insights into selecting mentors and developing relationships with them, as well as avoiding mentorship pitfalls. Their perspectives include basic and clinical research, clinical care and education.

Work/Life Management

This session features a presentation and discussion led by the associate provost and director of Work/Life on the work/life policies, benefits, services and programs available at Columbia University.

Sponsored by the CUIMC Office of Faculty Professional Development, Diversity & Inclusion, the Virginia Kneeland Frantz Society and the VP&S Office for Women & Diverse Faculty.

Promotion: Planning, Preparation and Progress

This session provides junior faculty with information on promotion and tenure at CUIMC, as well as expectations in regards to teaching, advising, service and scholarship. By the end of the session, faculty will be able to: 

  • Identify metrics for promotion in each area of focus of the “at CUMC” Track and the Tenure Track
  • Understand the Faculty of Medicine and CUIMC Committee on Appointments and Promotions processes
  • Recognize the importance of maintaining a record of academic progress and developing strategies for increasing external academic recognition

Please visit the Calendar of Events for upcoming program dates. 

For more information, please email: Office_Acad_Affairs@cumc.columbia.edu.