CUIMC Leadership and Management Course for Faculty

Application and Selection Criteria


Applicants may be nominated by program or department chairs and directors, or by self-nomination. Applicants are asked to submit a CV and a personal statement that is no longer than one single-spaced, typed page. Personal statements should addresses the applicants' expected personal outcomes from the program; impact of the program in relation to their current or desired leadership role; and, as available, a brief description of a project they are undertaking or would propose to develop for the project requirement of the program. Participants will apply the learning and skill development of the course within the context of this project.

Selection Criteria

Because active participation of members of each class enriches the experience of the group, we encourage a broad and diverse range of faculty backgrounds and expertise. Selection of candidates is based in part on consideration of balanced representation from the various departments and institutes at CUIMC.

A strong candidate application presents evidence for leadership potential, including:

  • Information about professional and educational background
  • Evidence of formal and informal professional development
  • Impact of current leadership and management experiences
  • Breadth of current leadership experiences
  • Rationale for seeking leadership roles and possible impact of the training on their current leadership role

This course is held twice a year in the fall and spring. 

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